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The Things We Eat


Distorting Our Relationship With Technology

Placed in historical perspective, the popular opposition to things like GMOs and vaccines, much like 19th-century opposition to fertilizers and insecticides, reflects less an overt rejection of science than a distrust of experts who peddle it.


The Woman Who Dared to Give Water to a Pig

Is it possible for us to provide a bit of humane treatment to livestock? They may have to prove they can fly first.


How Horse Meat Might Get Into the U.S. Food System

The hidden pipeline for America’s mystery meat may start at home.


Do We Need a ‘Mustang-Safe’ Label for Beef?

The response to an especially ugly round-up of wild horses in Oregon suggests we might.


Is the Chipotle Narrative Coming to an End?

What the company can learn from its recent E. coli outbreak.


Do We Really Vote With Our Forks?

On causal impotence and whether consumer choice even matters when it comes to our global food system.


Monkey Business

How coconuts can help us re-think citizenship.


Want to Reduce Food Waste? Hug Your Local Freegan

No group has better mapped and internalized the geography of waste—or been bolder about wading into the cesspools where trash accumulates.


Is There Such a Thing as Food Choice?

New data on vegetable consumption raises a question we too easily overlook.


What Cheating Emissions Standards Tells Us About Ourselves

To understand the outrage over the Volkswagen scandal and recall, consider the meat industry.


What’s So Bad About the Paleo Diet?

Meet Arthur Haines, the neo-aboriginal Mainer who is turning paleo fantasy into optimistic reality.


The Humble Pig

Pigs have personalities, and a curiously compelling history of domestication. But that doesn’t mean we’re ever going to stop eating them.


Our Failed Food Movement

Calls for an end to industrialized agriculture are everywhere, but factory farms continue to grow in both size and influence. Where are we going wrong?


What Does an $85 Meal of Garbage Signify?

You’re never going to reduce food waste with “solutions” that are inaccessible to most of us.


Going Down the Rabbit Hole of Deceit

An advocacy group uncovers shocking conditions in the country’s largest rabbit processing plant, raising questions about why the USDA and its Humane Slaughter Act do nothing to protect a whole class of animals.


Do Personal Food Choices Affect the Drought In California?

Not really, but you should still be ashamed about eating water-hogging foods.


Getting a Clue About the Avian Flu

The problem isn’t industrial agriculture. It’s domestication.


These 'Local' Piggies Went to Market

Unfortunately, the market wasn’t very local at all. Everyone interested in the Food Movement and locally sourced meat should remember that small farmers plugged into local economics aren’t somehow ipso facto honest farmers.