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Topic: Climate Change

Vegetables are displayed at a supermarket.

How Much Can Dietary Changes and Food Production Practices Help Mitigate Climate Change?

Food policy experts weigh in on the possibilities of individual diet choices and sustainable production methods.

Left to right: actors Robin Gerber and Carl Thelander, with artistic director Robert Egan.

Can Live Theater Help Spur Climate Action?

This year's Ojai Playwrights Conference tackled the existential threat of climate change.

Damage from a tornado that killed at least 23 people in Beauregard, Alabama, pictured on March 4th, 2019.

In a Tornado, Mobile Homes Are Deadly

The federal government needs to start subsidizing storm shelters for people living in mobile homes in rural areas.

Entrepreneur and Democratic presidential hopeful Andrew Yang speaks during the second round of the second Democratic primary debates, hosted by CNN at the Fox Theatre in Detroit, Michigan, on July 31st, 2019.

Andrew Yang's Doom-and-Gloom Climate Statement Shows His Silicon Valley Roots

Yang, the long-shot Democratic 2020 candidate, is playing up his credentials as a pragmatist. But there's nothing pragmatic about letting climate change proceed unchecked.

Ethiopian girls wear T-shirts depicting Ethiopia's Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed as they take part in a national tree-planting drive in the capital of Addis Ababa, on July 28th, 2019. The Green Legacy campaign, started by Ahmed's office, wants every Ethiopian to plant 40 seedlings during the rainy season, which runs from May to October.

Ethiopians Tackle the Climate Crisis With 350 Million New Trees (in Photos)

Citizens of Africa's second-most populated country broke a world record when they planted 353,633,660 tree seedlings on Monday as part of a national reforestation campaign.

A woman walks through a flooded street that was caused by high tides and sea level rise due to climate change on September 29th, 2015, in Miami Beach, Florida.

Climate Disaster Won't Be Avoided With Andrew Yang's Universal Basic Income and Relocation

In the second round of the Democratic debates, Andrew Yang said his platform would provide Americans with the resources they need to adapt to climate change.

Aerial view of the Iriri River on Arara Indigenous land, in the Amazon, on March 15th, 2019.

Indigenous Communities Are Better at Preserving Biodiversity, Research Shows

A new study adds to research showing concrete links between Indigenous rights to land and sustainable conservation.

The terminus of Kangerlugssuup Sermerssua glacier in west Greenland.

Record Heat Threatens Greenland's Ice Sheet

A majority of Greenland's ice sheet is experiencing above-freezing temperatures this week, which could cause record melting and raise global sea levels.

The streets of Galveston, Texas flooded by rain from Hurricane Harvey.

What Can Texas Learn From the Netherlands About Flood Prevention?

A worst-case scenario hurricane could threaten large swaths of southern Texas. Flood experts from the Netherlands are attempting to mitigate the damage.

"Une Arche de Noé Pour le Climat," an installation of lucite animal figures created by Gad Weil and exhibited at the COP21 climate summit in Paris in December of 2015.

How Art Can Inspire Viewers Toward Climate Action

New research finds that art with an activist bent can engage and inspire—if it offers hope.

Climate change activists block traffic in the London's financial district during environmental protests by the Extinction Rebellion group on April 25th, 2019.

When It Comes to Climate, Why Are We Willing to Sacrifice Lives for Money?

Of course addressing the climate crisis will cost money. The important question is how we can save and improve lives by spending it.

A park bench underwater in East Potomac Park in Washington, D.C.

The Odds of a Major Flood in Washington, D.C., Will Quadruple by 2050

The one-in-100-year storm that hit our nation's capital last week is expected to become a one-in-25-year event by mid-century, according to D.C.'s own analysis.

Carrizo Plain National Monument in California is run by the Bureau of Land Management.

The Wilderness Society Pressures the Trump Administration to Measure the Climate Impacts From Oil and Gas Leasing

The environmental non-profit estimates that recent federal oil and gas leases will produce more greenhouse gas emissions than the European Union emits in a year.

Amid a heat wave, beachgoers pack their belongings near the end of day at Sunset Beach in Huntington Beach, California, on July 21st, 2018.

A Report on 'Killer Heat' Reiterates How Climate Change Puts Vulnerable Populations at the Greatest Risk

The Union of Concerned Scientists warns that extreme heat days will become more frequent and severe if carbon emissions continue at current levels.

Bug Mohani steers his wheelchair along a part of a highway washed out by Hurricane Matthew in Flagler Beach, Florida, on October 9th, 2016.

The U.N. Is Calling for the Inclusion of People With Disabilities in the Climate Change Debate

In a new resolution, the organization urges governments to listen to those who are affected the most by natural disasters.

Smoke and flames from the Carpenter 1 fire are seen along a ridgeline in the Spring Mountains range early on July 6th, 2013, in the Spring Mountains National Recreation Area, Nevada.

More Utilities Plan to Use Blackouts to Prevent Wildfires

A Nevada utility company is joining utilities in other western states in implementing a new measure to reduce the risk of wildfire.

Sea ice on the northwestern coast of Greenland.

The Arctic Ocean's Sea Ice Hit Record Low Levels This June

Researchers at the Polar Science Center recently released their monthly PIOMAS model of the sea ice volume average in the Arctic for the month of June—and it revealed a grim decline.


'Midsommar' Offers a Vision of What Awaits Us After Society Collapses

Ari Aster isn't a political filmmaker—but his films are all the more disturbing when considered as previews of what could emerge after a political or climatic breakdown.

The Mississippi River laps at the stairs on a protective levee in New Orleans as Tropical Storm Barry approaches on July 11th, 2019.

Tropical Storm Barry Moves Toward Louisiana's Already-Flooded Coast

The storm is getting stronger, and heavy rainfall combined with an already-flooded river could overflow levees in New Orleans.


California's Central Valley Is Designing the Future of American Agriculture

Inside a climate-controlled laboratory at the Duarte Nursery outside Modesto, an experiment is taking place that could help determine what food we will eat for decades to come.

Though climate studies broadly show that global warming is happening and human-driven, scientists are still working to zero in on exact forecasts for the future.

Republican Leaders Aim to Make Conservation Conservative Again

A new Republican caucus will tackle conservation and climate change. Is the GOP changing its tune or merely paying lip service to environmental issues?

The Brazilian Amazon.

Tree-Planting Efforts Could Curb Humanity's Carbon Emissions

The need to restore forest, both to protect biodiversity and to stabilize the climate, is urgent, experts say.

President Donald Trump speaks about his administration's environmental policies at the White House on July 8th, 2019.

'We're Working Harder': Fact-Checking Trump's Event on His Environmental Record

President Trump mentioned clean air, emissions, and the Green New Deal, but failed to bring up climate change at his environmental event Monday.

People swarm a public beach amid a heat wave in Valencia, Spain, on June 29th, 2019.

Record-Breaking Heat Around the World (in Photos)

Last month was Earth's hottest June on record. Temperatures soared up to 115 degrees Fahrenheit in parts of Europe—and July is off to its own record-shattering start.