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Topic: Higher Education

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No, Professors Aren't Discriminating Against Conservative Students

A major study led by a lifelong Republican debunks this popular right-wing talking point.

Kamala Harris speaks on stage at the 2019 Essence Festival at the Ernest N. Morial Convention Center on July 6th, 2019, in New Orleans, Louisiana.

Kamala Harris' Student Debt Forgiveness Plan Is Part of a Broader Proposal to Help Black Entrepreneurs

The plan, which has drawn intense criticism for its specificity, is just one piece of a bigger proposal.

Harper Library at the University of Chicago.

A Better Way of Understanding the Debate Over Free Speech on Campus

In the nationwide debate over campus free speech, a lot of apparent disagreement derives from failing to separate the objects of study, and the habitat where study takes place.

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How Should Teachers Deal With Distracting Technology in the Classroom?

A new study finds students believe it is a teacher's responsibility to get them to not use technology for purposes unrelated to class.

Students at the University of California–Berkeley build salads with organic vegetables at Crossroads dining commons.

Half of College Students Are Food Insecure. Are Universities Doing Enough to Help Them?

As more students search for their next meal, there's increasing demand for programs that go beyond the food pantry.

From left to right: OJ Mayo, Reggie Bush, Kayla Pedersen, JJ Hones & Ed O'Bannon.

A California Bill Would Let College Athletes Sign Endorsement Deals, in Spite of the NCAA

Female athletes stand to gain especially from the prospective passage of the legislation.


College Students Are Going Hungry

A new report finds that around half of all college students fear running out of food before having the money to buy more.

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Colleges Are Attracting More Latinx Students, but Aren't Doing Enough to Help Them Succeed

Like many U.S. colleges, Indiana University–Northwest is seeing a sharp rise in Latinx students—but support for them is lagging.

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Can the College Board Measure Adversity on the SAT?

The College Board plans to score a student's adversity from one to 100.

Amherst College.

What Can We Learn From the Campus Free Speech Debates?

Amherst's "Common Language Guide" set off a conservative media firestorm, pitting free speech against equality.

classroom students professor university college

How to Combat Gender Bias in Teacher Evaluations

New research suggests that simply reminding students about the reality of implicit bias can help them avoid it.

The Louis Round Wilson Library at the University of North Carolina–Chapel Hill.

Want to Save the Humanities? Make College Free.

It's time to shift the social contract of education away from short-term job training toward long-term development. And free college has to be part of that shift.

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Real Men Don't Learn Other Languages

New research finds many men view learning a second language as a feminine pursuit.


Free College Has Critics on the Right and Left. Is It Viable?

Tuition costs have ballooned since the 1970s, but some argue making college free is a regressive solution.

Senator Elizabeth Warren addresses an organizing event at Manchester Community College in Manchester, New Hampshire, on January 12th, 2019.

Elizabeth Warren's College-Debt Plan Is Also a Blueprint for Addressing Racial Inequality

Progressives often debate whether universal or targeted policies are best suited to create a more equal society. Warren's college plan brilliantly combines them both.


As Graduate School Costs Skyrocket, the Student-Debt Problem Is Getting Worse

Universities are increasingly turning to graduate programs to balance their books. Students are shouldering the costs.

Senator Elizabeth Warren speaks during an organizing event at the Arc in the borough of Queens in New York City on March 8th, 2019.

Elizabeth Warren Wants Her Proposed Tax on the Ultra-Rich to Alleviate Student Loan Debt

Warren's plan includes proposals for the elimination of student loan debt for most students, an expansion of grants for low-income students, and free public education.

A commercial airliner flies across the sky.

What Does America's Pilot Shortage Reveal About Higher Education?

The United States is the only country in the world with major airlines that require four-year degrees in order to be a pilot.


Restoring Prisoners' Access to Education Reduces Recidivism

Bipartisan legislation in the Senate and House of Representatives would make prisoners eligible for Pell Grants, reversing a clause in the 1994 crime bill that stripped such eligibility.


Here's What You'll Learn in a College Class on Calling Bullshit

The course, offered at the University of Washington, teaches that the proliferation of algorithms and data is making misinformation more widespread.