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Topic: Homelessness & Housing

Disabled demonstrators rally in Los Angeles in June of 2000 to protest the state of California's challenge to the Americans With Disabilities Act of 1990.

Amid Its War on Fair Housing Protections, HUD Takes a Rare Aggressive Action Against Los Angeles

HUD reached a deal with Los Angeles to improve disability access, but has left other discrimination cases unaddressed.

Miami, Florida.

Red State Governments Ban Blue Cities From Passing Bills to Make Housing Affordable

Conservative statehouses have passed bills blocking cities from enacting inclusionary zoning ordinances, most recently in Florida.

A Portuguese woman keeps many of her belongings in a storage unit for fear of sudden eviction.

A New Law in Portugal Makes Housing a Right

The Basic Housing Law is a reaction to a significant and rapid escalation of housing prices and dearth of affordable homes.

Luxury apartments are advertised in a realtor's window on the West Side of Manhattan on July 24th, 2018.

Can Cities Build Their Way to Housing Equity? A New Book Suggests Not.

Sam Stein's Capital City offers a blistering and persuasive critique of how real estate dominates city planning—to the detriment of most residents.

Oregon Governor Kate Brown.

A New Oregon Law Would Make It the First State to Ban Single-Family Zoning

Democratic Governor Kate Brown is expected to sign off on the law, which would affect areas that are home to some 2.8 million people.

The Strand.

Is Landmarking a Tool of Gentrification or a Bulwark Against It?

From YIMBYs to NIMBYs, the Strand's recent historic preservation is a Rorschach test for activists of many stripes. Who's right?

President Donald Trump signs an executive order in December of 2018 to establish the White House Opportunity and Revitalization Council to oversee the opportunity zones program.

Developers Aren't Reporting How They're Using Tax Incentives Meant for Low-Income Areas

The "opportunity zones" program, established in Trump's 2017 tax bill, might be fueling gentrification and luxury developments.

Residents walk past one of the few remaining Chicago Housing Authority Cabrini-Green public housing buildings January 12th, 2005, in Chicago, Illinois.

How Cities Across the U.S. Are Using Philanthropy to Combat Inequality

All over the country low-income citizens are struggling to attain more economic mobility. A new program funded by two large foundations is working to address that.

A sign advertises an apartment for rent along a row of brownstone townhouses in the Fort Greene neighborhood in the Brooklyn borough of New York City.

Democrats Agree That the Housing Crisis Is a Problem. They Just Don't Agree on How to Fix It.

For an issue on which so many agree—the rent is too damned high, especially in urban areas—housing affordability doesn't present one single obvious fix.

People walk near a sign outside of Google headquarters.

Can Google's $1 Billion Real-Estate Pledge Put a Dent in the Bay Area's Housing Crisis?

The growth of the tech industry has put a high premium on available housing, and new construction isn't keeping up with need.

A sign advertises luxury apartment for rent.

Big Real Estate Peddles the Myth That New York Rent Control Mainly Targets Small Landlords

Previously unreleased data shows private equity's stranglehold over New York City housing, and its practice of wide-scale eviction.

Cory Booker, Elizabeth Warren, the Space Needle.

Can Cory Booker, Elizabeth Warren, and U.S. Cities End Exclusionary Zoning?

Most U.S. cities have a housing crisis and severe racial segregation. Will a spate of new plans work to solve both problems?

Coastal waters flow through deteriorating wetlands on August 25th, 2015, in Saint Bernard Parish, Louisiana.

Confronting Climate Change, Louisiana Shifts Toward Retreat

As coastal communities succumb to sea-level rise, managing population migration and decline has become a new focus in the state.


HUD Is Proposing a New Restriction on Housing Assistance. It Could Cost Thousands of Kids Their Homes.

Housing advocates, immigrants' rights groups, social policy think tanks, and public housing management organizations have united in opposition to the rule.

The Shed cultural space at Hudson Yards in New York.

Subsidies Meant for Low-Income Communities Are Paying for Luxury Developments

Tax increment financing, originally meant to spur development of "blighted" neighborhoods, is now being redistributed upwards.

New townhouses under construction in California.

Inside the Political Fight Over How to Handle California's Housing Crisis

From Sonoma to San Diego, the state faces a massive affordability crisis; across the political gradient, few residents disagree on that, even if they don't see eye to eye on how to solve it.

A homeless encampment in Hollywood, Los Angeles.

Will Algorithmic Tools Help or Harm the Homeless?

Researchers created an algorithm to identify the people most at risk for long-term homelessness in Los Angeles. Some worry the tool itself poses risks.

Portland, Oregon.

Can Community Investment Trusts Help Slow Down Gentrification?

A new real-estate development in East Portland, Oregon, might provide a model for the rest of the country.

Residents of Sunset Park, Brooklyn, protest the Bush Terminal renovation.

Amazon Headquarters Left New York, but Will Other Developers?

In Sunset Park, Brooklyn, residents are challenging a new development, charging it won't create jobs for those who currently live in the neighborhood.

Department of Housing and Urban Development Secretary Ben Carson.

Why Is Trump's Department of Housing and Urban Development Suing Facebook?

The dispute between HUD and Facebook over how advertisers target ads looks to be coming to a head. How did we get here?


Colleges Are Looking for Ways to House and Feed Homeless Students

Thirty-six percent of university and 46 percent of community-college students have insecure housing.


The Worsening Housing Crisis Plaguing Canada's First Nations Population

First Nations reserves residents are often forced to live in arduous conditions due to a system that prevents them from owning land or getting a mortgage.


Why Can't We Get an Accurate Count of the Homeless Population?

HUD requires communities to send out volunteers to tally homeless individuals one by one, often undercounting the number of people experiencing homelessness.