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What Makes Us Politic?


When Politicians Complain About Political Correctness

This new strain of complaint about political correctness is really just a warmed over version of the old complaints about politicians hamstringing national security matters.


Presidential Candidates' Fantasies

Is it a debate moderator's job to call out a presidential candidate for lying?


The Looming Republican Meltdown

Donald Trump stands to do real damage to the GOP in the coming year, and the party has little power to prevent it.


The Campaign You're Not Seeing

The presidential campaigns are busier than you think behind the scenes.


Can Democrats Keep the White House in 2016?

We'll see. The state of the economy will outweigh all other factors.


The New Refugees Always Seem 'Too Different'

America's melting pot legacy has developed in spite of public opinion on admitting new populations.

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Does It Matter When Candidates Lie?

There are penalties for lying, but not everyone pays them, and not everyone gets caught.


How Doomed Are the Democrats?

This isn't the first time a party's eulogy has been written prematurely.


Why Jeb Bush (Probably) Isn't Finished—Yet

Jeb Bush hasn't been a very effective campaigner so far, but he has plenty of other assets as a politician.


What's in an Endorsement?

Does an endorsement actually move votes? Or is it just a sign of other political support?


'Who Won?' Is the Worst Question to Ask About a Candidate Debate

Debates have many useful functions, but determining winners and losers is not one of them.


How to Fix Our Legislatures

The trick is to hold legislatures accountable, even when the system is oriented around individual legislators.


You Can Change Laws Without Changing Hearts and Minds

Yes, America has a strong gun culture, but laws can be changed nonetheless.


Will the Party Decide? Or Will Donald Trump Get the Republican Nomination?

The book Party Decides suggests party insiders will keep a candidate like Trump from getting the nomination. Does the party still have that power?


How Vaccinations Become Partisan

Failing to challenge Donald Trump on vaccines was more than just a political faux pas.


Authenticity: I Do Not Think It Means What You Think It Means

As last week's Hillary Clinton coverage demonstrated, the search for candidate "authenticity" is a fool's errand.


Larry Lessig Is Still Wrong About the Presidency

The presidential candidate has cited Game of Thrones' Jon Snow as an inspiration. But we all know how that storyline ends.


The Donald Trump of the Left

Larry Lessig may have the most distorted views of what the presidency is.


Want to Get Millennials to Vote? Then Stop Focusing on Millennials

Millennials vote just like previous generations of young voters.


A Tale of Two Rallies

How Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump do retail.


The Other Thing That Happened Last Thursday

There was a game-changing event in the presidential election, but it wasn't the Republican debate.


Ted Cruz's Nerd-Whistle Campaign

It's a niche campaign meant to reach nativists and fans of Star Trek and the Simpsons. Will it work?


Risking Your Health for Your Politics

Republicans aren't signing up for Obamacare, even if it would help them.