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9 Adorable Cat Facts

Happy National Cat Day!


Today is National Cat Day. Happy National Cat Day!

In honor of National Cat Day, here are nine facts about cats:

1. Around 10 million Americans are allergic to cats, which is the most common pet allergy.

2. Cats, more than any other domestic animal, infect humans with rabies.

3. Cats knowingly manipulate human emotions by purring.

4. There are multiple historical examples of cats nefariously influencing human power structures.

5. Approximately 80 percent of cat bites become infected because their teeth are like needles, which puncture the skin and inject bacteria from the skin's surface and the cat's mouth into the wound.

6. Cat poop negatively affects cognitive function and memory in humans.

7. Cats carry a parasite that increases suicide risk.

8. Cats are responsible for the deaths of nearly 25 billion animals in America every year.

9. Domestic cats feed on human corpses even when other food is available.

(Full disclosure: I am allergic to cats.)