Adorable Pygmy Goats May Be 'Impure,' But We Don't Care

Wondering what the "impure" pygmy goats in our recent print article look like? Get your aww's ready.
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At Pacific Standard, we often write about academic research. It's very important, ground-breaking, paradigm-shifting stuff. But it also means that we have to stretch pretty far to give our readers what we know they really want ... aww-inducinganimals.

Never fear, because in Brendan Borrell's recent story from our September/October issue, "What Color Is Your Pygmy Goat?," he describes the oddly intense battle over the genetic purity of tiny, adorable goats. Goats like Imagine, pictured below, the kid of a goat named Only Imagine, who has a brother named Imagine That. Also, they're all descended from a goat named Twinkle's Star. Really.


Imagine is a young pygmy goat at Proverbial Pygmies Ranch, Jamul, California. (Photo: Brendan Borrell)


Pregnant Miley is "short but wide-bellied, as if she has swallowed a portable fridge." (Photo: Brendan Borrell)

They grow to about two feet high and 80 pounds, a third of the size of a regular goat, and 4,000 percent more cuddle-able. We started an informal petition to buy one as a mascot and beloved office pet, but to no avail. Maybe you'll have better luck. —Bettina Chang