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Anti-Semitism 2.0

This week we discuss a new era of anti-Semitism, while Emily Badger examines voting.

In this week's audio newsletter, we discuss imperfect parallels -- between anti-Semitism and Islamophobia, and between the Cold War Sputnik spur to Western technology and the president's current call for a Sputnik moment. In addition, Emily Badger explains a new survey in which individuals showed little allegiance to guaranteeing a specific party wins local congressional votes.

Audio portions for this week’s Wonking Week podcast were drawn from:
Sounds for the Sputnik story include the Sputnik beep, President Dwight Eisenhower's response to the original Sputnik, and President Barack Obama's call for a new Sputnik moment. Leaving that story we heard this.
In the interview with Emily Badger, audio
Outro to interview with Emily Badger was Dee-Lite performing for MTV's Rock the Vote.
And audio for the Bobby Fischer psychological autopsy came from here, here , here and here.