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Awkward Silence and Civil War

This week we discuss awkward silences, while Emily Badger examines the U.S. Civil War and the mythology that grown up around it.

In this edition of the Wonking Week audio newsletter, we examine the role that "victim offender mediation dialog" — victims sitting down across the table with the sometimes-violent criminals who hurt them — as part of the move toward restorative justice. In another effort to cushion tragedy, we hear how art therapy may provide succor to those with Alzheimer's disease. And in an interview with Emily Badger, she discusses the thicket of misinformation that has been cultivated around the U.S. Civil War.

Audio portions for this week’s Wonking Week were drawn from:

Audio samples from our story on art therapy and Alzheimer's was taken from here and here.
Audio at the start of the story on Bruce Ackerman came from here.
The beginning of the interview with Emily Badger includes a snippet of Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell from here.