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But You Already Knew This

With all due humility — or at least some humility — we're happy to announce that Library Journal has named Miller-McCune one of its 10 best new magazines of 2008.

In its assessment, Library Journal said we evince a "hopeful, forward-looking mood" and try to "counterbalance the all-too-common spin, punditry, and 'truthiness' in popular media" with nonpartisan, nonideological presentations of research. Or, translated into our lingo: Miller-McCune. Great Journalism. Real Solutions.

Among LJ's other top-rated magazine launches of the year were Lapham's Quarterly, edited by longtime Harper's editor Lewis Lapham; BBC Knowledge, edited by Sally Palmer and "designed for a general audience interested in science, history, and nature"; and World Affairs, edited by Lawrence F. Kaplan, "a worthy complement to Foreign Affairs and Foreign Policy."

We congratulate them, direct you here for information on all the winners and are thrilled to be able to stop patting ourselves on the back.