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Our Coverage of the Michael Brown Shooting and Ferguson, Missouri

The events of summer 2014 in a small town in Missouri are a culmination of decades of reports about race, policing, and class. We review Ferguson news in the larger research context.
ferguson protest

MARCH 4, 2015
The Far Reach of Racism in Ferguson

A new report by the Justice Department in the Ferguson investigation shows just how far racial bias can extend.

police horses

FEBRUARY 12, 2015
Who's Policing the Police?
One solution to improve officers' relationships with their communities: holding the bad cops accountable.

DECEMBER 8, 2014
For Most, There's Never a Right Time to Protest
Every important movement faces significant push-back; that doesn't mean it won't succeed.

ferguson memorial

Back to School in Ferguson
One former student remembers the classrooms of this now-divided Missouri town were filled with important discussions of the Civil Rights Movement back in the 1970s. What happened?


AUGUST 19, 2014
Making Police Departments More Diverse Isn't Enough
Local police departments should reflect the communities they serve, but fixing that alone won’t curb unnecessary violence.

AUGUST 18, 2014
When Did You Learn About Structural Inequality?
Why we should be upfront with children about the larger structural forces that shape society.


AUGUST 18, 2014
Ferguson Is a Serious Outlier
One black city council member is not nearly enough. In a study of city councils, only one place in America had a greater representational disparity than Ferguson, Missouri.


AUGUST 16, 2014
Six Days in Ferguson: Voices From the Protests
A day-by-day chronology of what happened in Ferguson, drawn from the best reporting by journalists and witnesses on the ground.


AUGUST 14, 2014
We All Live in Ferguson
Unconstitutional violence perpetrated by police against people of color, minorities, and vulnerable populations is all too normal. A look at other communities under investigation by the Department of Justice.

Lockdown Nation
How military-style policing became America's new normal.

UPDATE — March 10, 2015: This post first appeared on our site on August 19, 2014, with the headline "Our Coverage of the Ongoing Protests in Ferguson, Missouri." Both the headline and story list have been updated.