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Here's (Some of) What Science Knows About Dogs

On this National Dog Day, here are some things science knows about dogs.
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We all know dogs. We are familiar with the pitter-patter of doggie feet on hardwood floors. We recognize the soapy, fresh scent of a recently washed pup, and we understand that scent will not last long. We know if it's raining outside, the dog will inevitably want to rub her flank on the grass.

Researcher dog says, "Scientifically speaking..." (Photo: KevinMiller/Flickr)


We know this all intuitively, but not empirically. And while some dog owners might say that what they know from observation is enough, others have dedicated their lives to better understanding what's going on inside that canine brain of theirs. So, on this National Dog Day, here are some things research tells us about dogs:

Happy National Dog Day. —Bettina Chang