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I Like Your Take

Here's mine.
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This is, generally, a good and funny Take, pegged to the recent celebrity nude photo leaks: the notion that the Internet is flooded with a constant stream of mostly worthless content.

Though, this meta-media criticism-Take has been taken before, many times and in different forms, by the same author: herehere, here, and here.

These are all fair jabs, but is a repeated Take better than a bad Take? In other words, if you stand over the Internet gutter, and attempt to disinfect it with a fluid of acerbic criticism, does the gutter ever get cleaner? Or does it just become more watered down?

What happens when the meta-Take becomes an excuse not to have an intelligent topical Take or to work on something altogether different, a story you deem more valuable or more interesting?

I'm guilty of grousing myself, but I sometimes wonder if all this grousing distracts from the very reason we're grousing at all: that is, the sensible reporting and sober analysis that we wish everyone else was doing.

Anyway, I was recently told we need more Takes.

So, here's my cheap Take on a Take on Takes: I don't know. It won't be the first (?) or the last. —Ryan Jacobs