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Listen: More 'Confident Idiots' and 'Extreme Daycare' on the Radio

Can't get enough of our print magazine features? Listen to our writers tell more about their stories on podcasts and radio shows.

Did you read our print magazine features on confident idiots, extreme daycare, and female politicians, and wish you could know more? Our writers have been to radio and TV stations across the nation to talk on the air about the important and surprising implications of their stories. Here are just a few links to get you started:

  • NPR Politics (November 2): Historian and writer Nancy Cohen discusses her Five Studies article, "Why Women Are Such a Minority in Elected Office," and host Arun Rath points out that "many of the biases we expect don't actually exist."
  • Slate's The Gist (November 7): Host Mike Pesca speaks with psychologist David Dunning about his cover story, "We Are All Confident Idiots," which focuses on how confident ignorance is incredibly common and increasingly harmful.
  • You Are Not So Smart (November 10): Host David McRaney started his aptly named blog to explore self delusion, which is one of Dunning's areas of expertise, so he was the perfect fit for his show.
  • Big Picture Science (November 10): In the "Skeptic Check" episode, Dunning discusses why "wrongness is a by-product of our big brains," and the show discusses a few of the biggest scientific mistakes made by the likes of Darwin and Einstein.
  • Here and Now (November 18): With host Robin Young, writer Alissa Quart and 24-hour daycare owner Patrick Hogan discuss Quart's story, "The Rise of Extreme Daycare," and why more and more American parents find the need to leave kids at daycare at odd hours and overnight.