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The Most Popular Posts on and Other Stuff We Liked This Past Week

Obvious infidelity, sex, and cosmetics top our site this week. Plus, genius pianists and windowless airplanes.
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People within a relationship may be blind to infidelity, but a new study suggests it's pretty obvious to observant strangers. This new research topped our site last week—plus a few oldies. We're rolling out our November/December print issue starting this week, so check back often to read more.

1. She’s Cheating on Him, You Can Tell Just by Watching Them

2. What If We Admitted to Children That Sex Is Primarily About Pleasure?

3. When Women Sexually Assault Men

4. How Cosmetic Companies Get Away With Pseudoscience

5. After 75 Years of Alcoholics Anonymous, It’s Time to Admit We Have a Problem

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Plus, some fun picks from the Web. What we clicked on this week:

  • As part of a special report on genius, Nautilus features famed jazz pianist Vijay Iyer in a series of videos about the science of rhythm. It's a great story for music and math nerds alike (Iyer once re-scored the ’70s soul tune “Mystic Brew” to the Fibonacci Sequence).
  • The airplane of the future will have no windows—but passengers won't feel claustrophobic, because the walls will be flexible OLED screens with images of the clouds outside. See the story and accompanying video on Slate.