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The Most Popular Posts on and Other Stuff We Liked This Past Week

R.I.P. jobs as we once knew them. Plus: Scientology, music, and candy-cane making.
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R.I.P. jobs as we once knew them. The fundamental deal between employer and employee is changing rapidly, as columnist Kyle Chayka writes. Plus, we spent some time in a Scientology church trying to figure out what they believe (it wasn't easy), and we explore how music has healing powers.

1. We Are All Confident Idiots

2. What It's Like to Spend a Few Hours in the Church of Scientology

3. If You Get Confused Just Listen to the Music Play

4. The Most Dangerous Idea in Mental Health

5. What Was the Job?

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Plus, some fun picks from the Web. What we clicked on this week:

  • A video of "public displays of confection" at Lofty Pursuits shows the mesmerizing process of hand-making candy canes.

  • Did Kris Kringle really sneak toys into a little boy's house years ago? What about the allegations that he does it all over the globe? Saturday Night Liveinvestigates, Serial-style.