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The Most Popular Posts on and Other Stuff We Liked This Past Week

Popular this week: Our extended interview with a voluntarily homeless man, and the story of pay toilets.
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Our extended interview with Randy Angel McKinney, a "traveler" who is house-less but not homeless, has attracted the most attention this week. Plus, learn how we won the human right to free public toilets (and why it's illegal for some businesses to say their bathrooms are for customers only).

1. Homeless on Purpose

2. Why Don't We Have Pay Toilets in America?

3. We Aren't the World

4. Atheists Seen as a Threat to Moral Values

5. What If We Admitted to Children That Sex Is Primarily About Pleasure?

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Plus, some fun picks from the Web. What we clicked on this week:

  • Eerie photos from the world's largest salt flat in Bolivia depict the landscape as a never-ending plain. See more and read about the photographer, Asako Shimizu, at Slate's photo blog.

(Photo: Asako Shimizu)

  • Time-lapse videos of city lights are always hypnotic, but this one of Los Angeles by Sunchaser Pictures has a particularly calming, peaceful effect. Having sat through the infamous traffic ourselves, it's amazing how time lapse can transform the city into a vibrant, humming organism.