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The Most Popular Posts on and Other Stuff We Liked This Past Week

Our top posts this week and some recommended reading.
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This week our readers were drawn back to some of our most popular stories in the past year. We also told the remarkable story of a woman who "hit the genetic lottery" with two extremely rare genetic flaws and made it her mission to learn more about how it happened.

1. The Secret World of Fast Fashion

2. The Truth We Won't Admit: Drinking Is Healthy

3. DIY Diagnosis: How an Extreme Athlete Uncovered Her Genetic Flaw

4. Why Women Aren't Welcome on the Internet

5. Ferguson Is a Serious Outlier

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Plus, some fun picks from the Web. What we clicked on this week:

  • Architects in Billund, Denmark, (Lego's hometown) show that your favorite childhood toy has design possibilities beyond the cheesy Legoland aesthetic. This animated tour would get any Lego fan excited.
  • At turns philosophical and humorous, this well-told account of laughing gas and self-experimentation is also littered with treasures such as this, a satirical print with the caption, "Prescription for Scolding Wives."