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The Most Popular Posts on and Other Stuff We Liked This Past Week

Lies and misperception top our site this week—posts from Placebo Week and an important piece about Alcoholics Anonymous.
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The lies of "cosmeceuticals" and higher education were popular this week—you can read more about deception and perception in our Placebo Week special report. Plus, we saw the resurgence of a popular Maia Szalavitz piece about why Alcoholics Anonymous isn't as effective as you might think.

1. How Cosmetic Companies Get Away With Pseudoscience

2. When Women Sexually Assault Men

3. After 75 Years of Alcoholics Anonymous, It’s Time to Admit We Have a Problem

4. Why Women Aren't Welcome on the Internet

5. The False Promises of Higher Education

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Plus, some fun picks from the Web. What we clicked on this week:

  • We didn't always understand what comets were, but that didn't keep artists from trying to depict the awesome majesty of these flaming fire balls. io9 gathered up some great examples.

The Book of Miracles, created in Augsburg, Germany, around 1550. (Photo: io9)

  • Last names—the stuff of legend? A video produced by the folks at Mental Floss explores the origins of last names around the world.