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Remembering California's Nuclear Meltdown

We provide some background and context for the nuclear-power crisis in Japan.

The world is watching warily as Japanese scientists and engineers attempt to head off catastrophe at several nuclear power plants damaged in the recent earthquake and tsunami. Miller-McCune has posted a wide-ranging series of articles on nuclear energy and alternative energy sources, which will provide important context as the story unfolds.

Among them:

A look back at America’s worst nuclear meltdown, which occurred in Southern California in August 1959.

A report on renewed interest in nuclear power in the U.S., fueled by concern over fossil fuels and climate change.

Our most recent look at the ongoing issue of how to deal with nuclear waste.

A look at how search dogs are trained to find people trapped under rubble.

Finally, with the risks of nuclear power at the front of everyone’s minds, alternative energy sources are sure to be looked at more seriously in the months ahead. Here are several reports on “green” sources of energy, including solar-thermal, rooftop solar and wind power.

Also on, how an expert in nuclear power safety soured on the energy source and turned to solar.

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