Research Gone Wild: Looking Good

Are unattractive women more likely to identify as bisexual?
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(Photo: iStockPhoto)

(Photo: iStockPhoto)


“Women who aren’t good looking appear to be more prone to same-sex relationships,” the New York Daily News wrote of a new study.


The study analyzed survey data from 5,018 women and 4,191 men. The authors noticed that more-educated women and those rated as more attractive were more likely to identify as 100-percent heterosexual.


The research was made public at a conference, where researchers present preliminary findings. And it doesn’t consider cause and effect: Maybe more-attractive and -educated women are more likely to say they’re straight, but it’s just as likely that bisexual women have fewer educational opportunities or are rated as less attractive because of their sexuality.


Women’s sexuality appears to be more fluid than men’s, and why that is warrants further study. But previous studies provide context that much of the coverage neglected. Research shows that LGBT people have poorer health outcomes, which can affect appearance and education. Also, attractiveness is subjective; bisexual women may not subscribe to the same patriarchal standards influencing heterosexuals.


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