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Rodents in the News

A week's worth of mice, rats and other rodents in the headlines.

Milk may join red wine in goosing metabolism and longevity
Cell Metabolism via Science Daily

Move over, “Madagascar 3”: Now we can see mice brains … in 3-D
—Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory via Pop Sci

Might skin cells be transformed into stem cells to treat Alzheimer’s?
Cell Stem Cell via ABC News

Targeting the brain’s appetite control switch suggests we could flip it to ‘off’
Cell via ABC News

Decades-old antidepressant found to slow colon cancer growth
PLOS One via Focus Taiwan

“Rogue” stem cells now blamed for hardening arteries
Nature Communications via International Business Times

“Fungi Gone Awry in Gut May Contribute to Intestinal Diseases”
Science via San Francisco Chronicle