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Screenings of 'Wonder Woman' Have Been Suspended in Tunisia

Screenings of Wonder Woman have been suspended in Tunisia as the country's courthouse considers a lawsuit calling the film's lead actress a "champion Zionist."

The Tunisian Association of Young Lawyers filed a lawsuit on Monday due to allegations that lead actress, Israeli-born Gal Gadot, had made comments in support of a "Zionist army" that was involved in the conflict in Gaza in 2014, Sedki Jlassi, a member of the association, said in a Facebook post on Monday.

"We cannot accept that our children watch this film," the association's president, Yassine Younsi, told Business News on Tuesday, as that would be tantamount to "normalizing relations with Israel."

The Tunisian courthouse has decided to stay the film's release until it had examined their allegations, Variety reports.

Tunisia's suspension comes after Lebanon banned the film from being screened, citing the fact that Gadot served a mandatory two years in the Israeli army as a combat trainer. The film was also canceled from a festival in Algeria that honors Ramadan, the Muslim holy month. An organizer of the festival said the film was pulled due to "administrative issues linked to exhibition rights."