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Sites We Like

Four destinations across the Web that Pacific Standard staffers find themselves returning to again and again.
Harry Shearer. (PHOTO: DAN DION)

Harry Shearer. (PHOTO: DAN DION)

A 21st-century update of Swiftian political pamphlets of yore, this PDF offers a mix of practical and absurd options that America’s growing legion of deeply indebted students might consider using to convince bankruptcy courts they can’t repay their debts.
–Michael Fitzgerald, associate editor

Critiques, analyses, and personal experiences of psychiatric care in the United States and worldwide, by scientists, activists, journalists, and patients. Thoughtful discourse in an area where polarized positions are the norm.
–Ethan Watters, contributing editor

Forgive the name—they’re British. (And they’re supported, like this magazine, by SAGE Publications.) Short, layperson-friendly interviews with top researchers on the latest findings on violence, childbirth, economic inequality, and more.
–Vince Beiser, articles editor

He’s no longer on the air in his hometown of Los Angeles. But you can still listen to the amusingly acerbic (and deeply sourced) sociopolitical musings of Harry Shearer via his podcast of Le Show, available free on his website.
–Tom Jacobs, staff writer