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Sounds From the Road

Spend even the slightest amount of time around 18-wheelers and it quickly becomes very clear that truck driving is a full-on sensory assault.

From the clammy feel of a worn steering wheel to the taste of day-old truck stop hot dogs, entering the world of a trucker is like being dropped in the deep-end of a petrol-laced swimming pool.

While we can't quite Smell-O-Vision exhaust aroma to you here at Pacific Standard, we asked acclaimed electronic musicians (and noted CB radio enthusiasts) Quintron and Miss Pussycat to create a soundscape of life on the road as a big rig operator. As the horns beep and the radio blares, close your eyes and it's easy to feel like you're right there in the cab riding shotgun.


The Keep on Truckin' project is an effort to shine a light on the past, present, and future of the truck-driving industry in America, exploring all facets of our most pivotal, and overlooked, economic engine.