The Week's Best 'Pacific Standard' Stories

Out top stories for the week of January 31 to February 6, as curated by our editors.

Here are the best stories published on Pacific Standard this week:

  • "CB Radio: A History," by Hallie Bateman
    An illustrated guide to the connection between CB radio culture and modern forms of short-form communication.
  • "The Uphill Battle for Minorities in Trucking," by Rick Rojas
    Long-haul truck driving is thriving in the United States, and remains one of the surest ways into the middle class, but minorities say discrimination is rampant.
  • "America's Power Plant Problem," by Daniel J. McGraw
    More than 200 out of the 523 coal-fired power plants that were in operation five years ago are now closed or slated for closure. What should we do with them?