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The Big One

Tiny numbers, big impacts.
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  • One percent of all U.S. dairy farms produce 35 percent of America's milk. One American milk cow produces an average of 22,000 pounds of milk per year—up from 8,000 pounds per year in 1965.
  • One percent of patients account for 22 percent of all health care spending in the U.S., costing more than $90,000 per person.
  • One percent of all drivers on weekend nights have blood alcohol levels above 0.15, nearly twice the limit; such drivers are involved in over 20 percent of all fatal crashes.
  • One percent of U.S. electricity consumption—the output of seven large electric power plants—is used up each year by indoor marijuana growing.
  • $1 million is the median estimated net worth of all 535 members of Congress; the median for the average American household: $67,000.