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The Week's Best 'Pacific Standard' Stories

Our top stories for the week of February 7 to February 13, as curated by our editors.

Highlights you may have missed this week:

  • "Closing the Gender Gap in Medical Research," by Stephanie Auteri
    The treatment of female pain still carries overtones of 19th-century misogyny. It’s time to push back against gender-biased diagnosing and start taking women seriously.
  • "A Scanner Constantly," by Adam Bessie and Josh Neufeld
    Living with a brain tumor can often mean feeling reduced to your clinical records.
  • "Why We Need to Think Beyond Roe v. Wade," by Melissa Gira Grant
    The fights women of color face for reproductive rights remain sidelined (and sometimes, made invisible) in what is now the establishment story: There is Roe, and everything after.
  • "Blackballed in the Ivory Tower" by Elena Gooray
    From fraternities to administrative halls, American universities are failing to address serious race problems. In his new book, Lawrence Ross tells us how.