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The Week's Best 'Pacific Standard' Stories

Our top stories for the week of March 13 to March 19, as curated by our editors.
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Highlights you may have missed this week:

  • "The Youngest Casualties in the War on Obesity," by Carrie Arnold
    School-based nutrition and BMI screenings are meant to improve the health of students, but emerging evidence shows that, not only aren't they helping, they also appear to be triggering deadly eating disorders in children. Now, a small group of activists is taking on the system—and making a difference.
  • "Justice, Interrupted," by Murray Carpenter
    Some Colombian paramilitary leaders accused of brutal human rights violations will not face justice—or their victims' families—until they've served sentences for American drug charges.
  • "Is Climate Change Cooking Our Coral Reefs?" by Robynne Boyd
    El Niño storms seem to be strengthening due to climate change, and in turn intensifying coral bleaching. This is particularly vivid at Christmas Island, where the water has warmed the most.