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View From Your Ivory Tower #6

One reader who correctly guesses the campus on which this photograph was taken will win a one-year subscription to our print magazine. Also, get the answer from last week's contest.

First, the answer to last week's contest: University of California-Berkeley. Yet again, many readers guessed correctly. But winner Jane Esterline forced our hand with her zany humor:

I'd recognize that squirrelly face anywhere - that's Berkeley Boris, the dastardly rodent who nearly got me kicked out of school when he stole my identity and framed me for embezzling acorns from the university! (Spotted Moffitt Library in the background.)

Submitter Matthew J.X. Malady provided the details of the scene upon submission: 

berkeley, doe library front steps, facing toward moffitt and the bay, with squirrel.

And with that, here's this week's mystery photo:


Check back next Friday for notes on where this photograph was taken—and see if your guess was accurate. And, in the meantime, consider submitting a photograph of your own.

Happy guessing!

View From Your Ivory Tower is a photo submission contest. High-resolution photographs of views from the windows of places of higher education should be emailed to and include the name of the institution and a description of the buildings or landscapes pictured. Those whose photos are selected will receive a free one-year subscription to our print magazine.