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We're Hiring a Part-Time Contributing Writer

The ideal candidate will have thoughts on how to incorporate research into daily news analysis.

Update: As of February 12, this position has been filled.

There are important news stories flooding our Twitter feeds on a daily basis. At the same time, there is a constant stream of interesting social science research that’s going unexamined in the public eye. At Pacific Standard, we’re looking for new ways to incorporate research and data into news analysis. By providing insightful second-day analysis on news from around the world, we believe we can become a unique voice in daily conversations.

We’re looking for a smart and speedy part-time writer who can contribute three stories per week to our website. Ideally, this will be someone who’s well versed in the reporting world, but who can easily digest research and transform findings into an aspect of news analysis. This person will work remotely and be paid hourly as an on-contract contributor.

The writer will be expected to independently wade through and select both the research and the news stories they'd like to tackle. They'll be working off of original literature, rather than a press release, whenever possible. These posts (around 500 words each) will provide a unique context to everyday news, be easily digestible, and highly shareable on the social Web. The writer will file clean drafts (complete with creative headlines and deks) three days per week for a quick edit before posting (scheduling is flexible, but once negotiated should remain consistent). Take a look at some of our recent posts for examples.

If this sounds like a job you’re interested in, email Max Ufberg ( with a resume, a short letter outlining your experience, one sample of a news story you’d like to cover, and what research you would use to do so.