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Wonking Week: Cap and Gown

In this week’s audio newsletter, we discuss how media influence the United States' national school lunch program while Emily Badger looks at cap-and-trade legislation.

Wonking Week this week discusses school nutrition programs through the decision of the Los Angeles Unified School District to prevent food celebrity Jaime Oliver from visiting with his cameras in tow. Hosts Jessica Hilo and Tom Jacobs also take on the British royal wedding, while Idea Lobby blogger Emily Badger looks at cap-and-trade legislation and who is the little guy in the public relations campaigns surrounding pro- and ant-legislation advocates.


Audio portions for this week’s Wonking Week podcast were drawn from:

The outro to our discussion on Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution was taken from an episode of Sesame Street. The outro to our interview with Emily Badger was an excerpt from the late singer Phoebe Snow.