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Wonking Week: Nature™

In this week’s audio newsletter, we talk with T.C. Boyle about how he employs futility and progress in his latest novel, When the Killing’s Done. In addition, Emily Badger looks at the latest debate in patent law involving human genes.

Nature -- how we restore it and how we might patent it -- are the focus of this week's Wonking Week podcast. Novelist T.C. Boyle reflects on his latest novel about the restoration of habitat in the Channel Islands national Park, while Iea Lobby blogger Emily Badger discusses the ongoing debate over patenting human genes.

Audio portions for this week’s Wonking Week podcast were drawn from:

The outro to our discussion with T.C. Boyle was Exurb by Gurdonark. The outro to our interview with Emily Badger was taken from a recording of the 1980 Diamond vs. Chakrabarty court case.