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Wonking Week: Shutdown and Reboot

In this week’s podcast newsletter, Emily Badger examines the implications of a government shutdown. In addition, we open with a discussion of how technology and artistic effort coexist uneasily.

Emily Badger discusses the looming government shutdown in the United States and what it means to average Americans with Wonking Week host Jessica Hilo in this week's podcast. Badger's examination follows from her popular Idea Lobby post from earlier this week, "What Does a Government Shutdown Mean?"

Opening this week's podcast, Hilo and Miller-McCune staff writer Tom Jacobs hold a wide-ranging discussion of technology in the wake of Amazon's announcement of its Cloud Drive personal online storage service.


Audio portions for this week’s Wonking Week podcast were drawn from:

The outro to our discussion of the Amazon Cloud Drive was Enter Napster by ‘Weird Al’ Yankovic. The outro to our interview with Emily Badger was a track by the band The Blood.