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Wonking Week: Walls and Bridges

In this week’s audio newsletter, we discuss the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. In addition, Emily Badger looks at perceptions in the Muslim world.

In the wake of President Barack Obama's major speech on American policy toward the Israeli-Palestinian conflict after the Arab Spring and Binyamin Netanyahu's frosty reception of that address, Wonking Week's co-hosts Jessica Hilo and Tom Jacobs examine past Miller-McCune articles that shine a light on the peace process in the region.

In the second session, Idea Lobby blogger Emily Badger reviews a recent book looking at global Muslim anger at the United States. She reports that the book finds the Islamic world feels both oppressed by a powerful U.S. and betrayed by a country that hasn't lived up to its founding rhetoric.


Flourishes for this week’s Wonking Week podcast include:

Audio portions from our discussion of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict were taken from speeches by President Barack Obama and Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu.

Intro and outro music for our podcast interview with Emily Badger was Time Traveling Musician by Nickleus.