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Catastrophic Consequences of Climate Change

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(Photo: Joe Raedle/Getty Images)

Pacific Standard’s “Catastrophic Consequences of Climate Change” is an aggressive, year-long investigation into the devastating effects we can expect from anthropogenic global warming—and how scholars, activists, diplomats, and legislators can help stave off its most dire consequences.

After laying the groundwork with our lively and comprehensive around-the-clock coverage at COP21 in Paris (November 29-December 12, 2015), we’re dedicating a portion of our site and our daily coverage to reportage and essays from journalists, academics, and policymakers as we identify the policies and personalities that will determine, for good or ill, all global efforts to legislate this existential threat.

Along with interviews and profiles—from citizen-activists to oligarchs—we will publish photo-essays that explicate the toll of climate change on developing countries alongside infographics and key statistics about climate developments, and about public opinion. Early pieces will illustrate the political landscape while anticipating the major themes of the coming year. Subsequent entries in prose will include contributions from the world’s best thinkers and writers on climate change, as well as interviews with citizens in developing countries most at risk.

Pacific Standard’s “Catastrophic Consequences” special report—appearing online and with regular dispatches in print throughout 2016—will be the reader’s anchor in a sea of climate coverage—a comprehensive, ever-renewed resource on the most urgent policy question of the century.

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