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Issue #55: March/April 2017


Jo Tyndall is a co-chair of the U.N. Framework Convention on Climate Change’s ad hoc working group on the Paris Agreement.

Women Saving the Planet: Jo Tyndall of New Zealand

Tyndall is a co-chair of the U.N. Framework Convention on Climate Change's ad hoc working group on the Paris Agreement.

Patricia Espinosa is the executive secretary of the U.N. Framework Convention on Climate Change.

Women Saving the Planet: Patricia Espinosa of Mexico

The executive secretary of the U.N. Framework Convention on Climate Change recalls COP16.


Women Saving the Planet: Hakima El Haité of Morocco

Hakima El Haité, host of COP22 in Marrakech, is a pioneer for women—in science and diplomacy, and above all in the struggle for climate justice.

Duduzile Nhlengethwa-Masina is the chair of the U.N Framework Convention on Climate Change’s Technology Executive Committee.

Women Saving the Planet: Duduzile Nhlengethwa-Masina of Swaziland

Without access to the right technologies, countries are left to confront complex problems without the sufficient tools to solve them.

Kalee Kreider is a climate consultant, a climate change adviser to the U.N. Foundation, and a former adviser to Al Gore.

Women Saving the Planet: Kalee Kreider of the United States

After 20 years behind the scenes of the environmental movement Kreider believes that, now more than ever, women need more seats at the table.

Achala Abeysinghe.

Women Saving the Planet: Achala Abeysinghe of Sri Lanka

Abeysinghe, among other things, is the principal researcher at the International Institute for Environment and Development.

Lidy Nacpil

Women Saving the Planet: Lidy Nacpil of the Philippines

The veteran civil-society advocate came of political age under the Marcos régime in the Philippines. Today she’s one of the busiest organizers in the world.

Christiana Figueres.

Women Saving the Planet: Christiana Figueres of Costa Rica

The former executive secretary of the U.N. Framework Convention on Climate Change sees women as the solution to climate change, rather than victims.

Kayla DeVault

Women Saving the Planet: Kayla DeVault, Advocating for Navajo Nation

The scholar and indigenous activist explains how tribal communities can help solve the energy crisis.


The Women on the Front Lines of Climate Change

Women around the globe are disproportionately affected by climate change, but this gives them an edge in preparing for an uncertain future.


The Business of Shooting Pigs From the Sky

A Texas-style response to the country's feral pig epidemic involves tourists with assault weapons and helicopters.


Brain-Altering Science and the Search for a New Normal

An electrical implant known as a deep-brain stimulator is giving some patients a new start.

Culture Pages


Objects That Matter: The Bird-Saving Collar

Vigilantes who hunt down feral cats run up against animal-cruelty laws and social norms; one Texas veterinarian sparked outrage after she bragged on Facebook about killing what she thought was a feral tomcat with a bow and arrow.


Dating the Petroglyphs of the Mongolian Altai

The history of man and climate, written into the bedrock of Mongolia.

Kelly Sue DeConnick.

Writer and Editor Kelly Sue DeConnick on the Future for Women in Comic Books

We spoke to Kelly Sue DeConnick about what she recommends reading, watching, and listening to.

A Colony in a Nation.

Confronting Race and Colonialism in Contemporary America

In his latest book, Chris Hayes urges white Americans to take black suffering seriously.


How America's Black Cowboy Population Is Fighting Erasure

Today's black cowboys are aiming to set the historical record straight—and teach a younger generation to ride.

Midnight in America: Darkness, Sleep, and Dreams During the Civil War.

Darkness, Sleep, and Dreams During the Civil War

Jonathan W. White argues that the Civil War might have been the most sleepless period in American history.

Bill Nye.

PS Picks: Netflix's 'Bill Nye Saves the World'

PS Picks is a selection of the best things that the magazine's staff and contributors are reading, watching, or otherwise paying attention to in the worlds of art, politics, and culture.

The Fix


Seed Librarians Are Fighting to Protect the U.S.'s Resilient and Diverse Food System

How seed libraries are fighting against agricultural giants to increase genetic diversity in our crops.


How to Free Personal Genetics

Consumer genetic tests like 23andMe aren't medical devices, and the FDA shouldn't regulate them like blood-sugar meters or pregnancy tests.

Field Notes

A Karen National Liberation Army soldier preparing the ground ahead of celebrations marking the 66th Karen Revolution Day in Myanmar's eastern Karen state in January of 2015.

Letter From Karen, Myanmar: Touring the Fractured Karen State of Myanmar

Over a period of 40 years, Myanmar's military killed and displaced tens of thousands of Karen people.


Field Notes: Aboard an Oil Rig in Watford City, North Dakota

Watford City, North Dakota: Drillers perfect "the curve," a 1,000-foot portion of the oil well where the line gradually shifts from vertical to horizontal, on the Raven Drilling company rig.


Field Notes: Looking Down on the Port of Long Beach

Long Beach, California: A scene from 2,000 feet above the Port of Long Beach, where officials say they handle the transport of $180 billion worth of goods each year.


Letter From Hunan, China: The Chinese Government Has Big Plans for Its Migrant Worker Population

As the urban economy slows, the government is encouraging rural-to-urban migrants to open businesses in the countryside.


Field Notes: Leaving Debaltseve

Bakhmut, Ukraine: A woman waits in a bus after an emergency worker-led evacuation from the embattled town of Debaltseve in eastern Ukraine.


Letter From Oxford, Mississippi: Where Public Defenders Go to Church

While Gideon's Promise offers training in courtroom tactics and storytelling for public defenders, its goal is much larger: to create a nationwide community.



Trade, Tariffs, and Tooth Decay

How lower tariffs lead to people buying more soda.


There's a Name for That: Partisan Signaling

Most of the time, we end up with opinions we parrot from political figures we support.


Politics and the Gender Pay Gap

Can political positioning affect paychecks?


Mindfulness Isn't a One-Size-Fits-All Solution

New Age meditation practices are being deployed everywhere—from prisons to tense office buildings.


A Conversation With Our Readers

Responses to some of our biggest print and digital stories from the past couple of months. Write to us at


The Reluctant Activist's Guide to Protest

These days, if you're feeling like turning your anger into action, you're hardly alone. Here's what history has to teach you.