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McMaster Says Leaks a Greater Threat to National Security Than President's Disclosure

Appearing at the daily White House press briefing on Tuesday, National Security Advisor H.R. McMaster defended President Donald Trump after news broke on Monday that the president reportedly revealed classified information to Russian officials in a meeting last week.

McMaster has repeatedly denied the "premise" of the news as it was reported by the Washington Post, and has claimed that no "intelligence sources or methods" were disclosed. However, the Post's story made no such claim about sources or methods—only that the president shared information that had been provided by an ally.

McMaster also said on Tuesday that the president's decision to disclose the information was "wholly appropriate," and called the leak to the press—rather than the disclosure by the president—a threat to our national security.

Officials from across the aisle called Trump's disclosure "reckless," "disturbing," and "deeply troubling." Trump took to Twitter early Tuesday morning to defend himself, writing that, as president, he has "the absolute right" to share classified information with Russia.

Meanwhile, the Associated Press reports that at least one European country is considering not sharing information with the United States in the future.