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Since We Last Spoke: Playhouse of Horrors

New twists on past stories.

By Kate Wheeling


Diana and Ivette eat dinner with Kaden and Naima. Forty percent of American adults now work non-standard hours; the average American employee holds down one and a quarter jobs. (Photo: Alice Proujansky)

In “The Rise of Extreme Daycare,” from our November/December 2014 issue, the writer Alissa Quart profiled a family-owned 24-hour daycare center run out of a home in New York, one of many such institutions filling the gap in our nation’s patchwork system. “It was all about 9-to-5 daycare 10 years ago,” said Deloris Hogan, the co-owner of the center Quart profiled, “but now that the stores are open ’til 12 at night or even 24 hours a day, we are needed.” Daycare made headlines again in February, with reports from the Mississippi Clarion-Ledger and the New York Daily News exposing dangerous conditions for babies and toddlers in underfunded, poorly regulated childcare systems. Mississippi’s legislature is now considering 12 childcare reform bills, and New York State and City officials have announced similar overhauls.