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Students Sue the University of California–Berkeley Over Canceled Ann Coulter Talk

The University of California–Berkeley students who invited Ann Coulter for this week’s canceled talk are suing the school for restricting conservative free speech, Politicoreports.

Berkeley canceled Coulter’s talk scheduled for April 27th over “security concerns”; it then moved the event to May 2nd. But Coulter rejected the rescheduled date, citing its timing—May 2nd falls in the middle of a campus study period known as the university’s “dead week.” Another scheduled talk at Berkeley in February with conservative commentator Milo Yiannapolousprompted violent protests, which led to his speech being canceled.

Coulter—who has said that Latinos come from an “obviously deficient” culture prone to rape, and has stated a desire to run the United States’ immigration system “like Tinder”—was invited to the university to speak on illegal immigration.