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Trump vs. Clinton: How Do Their Criminal Justice Plans Stack Up?


(Photo: Spencer Platt/Getty Images; Taylor Le/Pacific Standard)

Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump just laid out their criminal justice plans. They tack closely with positions they’ve posted on their websites before. You can read here what the candidates supported at the time of anti-police use of force protests in July.

At that time, Clinton already had much more detailed policy proposals, so, during the debate, she didn’t reveal anything new. She talked, for example, about retraining police and supporting community policing, and reiterated her belief that everyone struggles with implicit bias, all of which she has publicly stated before.

Trump didn’t have specific proposals available in July and didn’t offer much this debate either except for a thumbs-up for stop-and-frisk. He also reiterated his support for the police, noting a new endorsement from the Fraternal Order of the Police.