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Finding Ross’ Gold

With marijuana legalization on the horizon in Canada, Pacific Standard catches up with Ross Rebagliati, Olympic athlete and prohibition poster boy from the ’90s.


In Sports, What’s in a Name?

Rawmeat Bill, Young Lurch, and the nicknames we remember.


Playing as If the World Mattered

A Q&A with athlete, activist, and author Gabriel Kuhn.


Bikes That I've Loved

On the psychology of cycling, and the meanings of possessions.


What's the Greatest Record in Sports History?

A new study says it belongs to Barry Bonds, but probably not for the reason you think.


When Pressure Is Privilege

How National Hockey League officials deal with deafening crowds, tough players, and big moments. A Q&A with veteran NHL linesman Scott Driscoll.

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Building a Strong Man

How attempting the improbable, and chasing the past, led one man to find a community—and himself.


The Cost of Legacy

In Toronto, the most expensive Pan Am Games ever just ended. Were they worth it?


The Great Wayne Gretzky Heist

What happens when the things we use to define ourselves go missing?

coed quidditch

The World's Most Progressive Sport: Quidditch!

How one alternative sport is helping further gender equality, in athletics and beyond.

al the octopus red wings

The Legend of the Octopus

Rituals of fandom and a night gone wrong in the Motor City.


The Small-Town Advantage

Athletes from outside major city centers dominate professional sports. Why?


Your Brain on Sports

Neuromarketing and the race to unlock the science of fandom.


Taping It and Making It: The Rise of Kinesiology Tape and the Power of Placebos in Sports

Just because several studies have failed to find any significant benefits to using Kinesio Tape doesn’t mean it can’t still be effective.


Want to Be the President? Start Playing Sports

How politicians use athletics to their advantage.


Growing Up and Burning Out

It takes more than basketball skills to make it to the NCAA tournament.


The Leader of the Pack

Stories about athletes with flawed character are endless, but what about those who exceed our expectations?


Jason Collins, Revisited

A new study explores how newspapers and social media framed a historic first.


The Activist Athlete in the Digital Age

Could platforms like The Players’ Tribune usher in a new age of activism among athletes? The answer is up to us.


The First Death of an Athlete

By choice or by circumstance, exiting sport is inevitable. What happens after is less certain.


Even in Sports, You Are What You Eat

To cheer for a team, or a sport, is to become part of a larger social phenomenon. Food is another—important—part of that shared identity.


The Commodification of Marshawn Lynch

Image and authenticity in the world of celebrity sport.


Everybody Knows NBA Players Smoke Marijuana

Athletes, the media, and marijuana: On organizational authority and racial framing in sport.