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'Pacific Standard,' March/April 2015

This is what's breaking the drug war, from our prison to your dinner table, home sweet shipping container, and the man who wants to save your marriage. Plus: Five studies about race and inequality.
(Photo: Jamie Chung)

(Photo: Jamie Chung)


This Man Helped Created One of the Most Viral Outbreaks of New Drugs in History. He Might Also Have the Antidote.
After a century of drug prohibition, the explosion of new psychoactive substances is finally forcing global drug policy to change.
By Maia Szalavitz

The Outcast at the Gate
After a child molester has been set free, where does he go—and how can society ensure that he never strikes again? One program's answer flies against our every instinct: Welcome him back.
By Alastair Gee

Harville Hendrix Wants to Save America, One Marriage at a Time
Hug longer, become a better listener, and stay together—at any cost.
By Jessica Weisberg


Uphill Both Ways
Why getting to school has gotten harder for kids in the Big Easy.
By Kyle Berlin

The New American Starter Home
A cruel housing market is the mother of invention.
By Kyle Denuccio

On the Bright Side
Can we train teenage girls to see less darkness in the world?
By Jennifer Kahn

I Can See by Your Outfit That You Are a Cowboy
The burdens of Western wear.
By Dawn Marie Knopf


Economy: Raised in Captivity
At America's strangest company, workers are making toys, picking grapes, and raising tilapia—for $1.50 an hour.
By Graeme Wood

Culture: Aunt Mommy
Assisted reproductive therapy is working miracles. Can we cope with the consequences?
By Rachel Peachman


Review: The Enigma of Survival
"How does one tell the untraumatized majority about the conditions that constitute the underworld of trauma?"
By Sally Satel

Review: Seeking to Excess
The dangers of spiritual amateurism in America.
By Spencer Orey

Review: Herd Mentality
Raising cattle doesn't have to wreck the environment.
By Temple Grandin


(Photo: Mark McKenna)

(Photo: Mark McKenna)

There's a Name for That: The Moses Illusion
How the simplest questions throw us off.

Research Gone Wild: The Future of Autism
Correlation v. causation.

In the Picture: Millennial Dreams
Housing, education, jump rope, and tattoos.

Five Studies: Inequality in Black and White
The rigged economics of race in America.

Subculture: The New 49ers
Prospecting for gold.

Life in the Data: A Memorable Figure
How one town ended homelessness.


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